Friday, January 23, 2004

Time to Cross-Fire Bob Novak

I'm watching Bob Novak, who committed a crime George H. W. Bush once described as "the most heinous crime imaginable" -- outting a CIA operative -- ask Mary Steenburgen on CNN, with a straight face, what she thinks of her candidate, Wes Clark, accusing the President of "the most heinous crime imaginable" -- desertion. Well, Clark didn't say that, Michael Moore did -- Clark when asked said he was in no position to say anything about the President's military service. But where the hell does Bob Novak get off with that kind of yellow journalism, after he was used as a mouthpiece for a true piece of treason by some as yet still unnamed administration source? And why did Bob Novak admit he'd used Robert Hanssen, later convicted as a spy, as an FBI source after he'd been accused of treason? They're both acts of treason.

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