Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Dick Gephardt Joins League of Extraordinary Assholes

Adding himself to the Legion of Legendarily Stupid Bush Campaigners, Dick Gephardt has joined Joe Lieberman in the ranks of the suicidal democrats attacking Howard Dean on personal issues. I have no clue why the dems can't adopt the Republican Golden Rule, although of course President Bush and his proxies slung a ton of mud at John McCain in 2000, so perhaps they're just learning from Mudmaster K, Karl Rove, in the Lee Atwater school of tricks.

But one of the reasons I like Howard Dean is the sort of frankness and unwillingness to talk about his democratic opponents that augurs well for a change in pace in overall leadership. I've seen enough of people trying to make political points for a lifetime, and not enough of trying to make policy.

Dick Gephardt has gone in this election from looking like a principled public servant to a tired old hack making a last desperate try for an unattainable personal goal -- sacrificing the national interest, which is to remove Bush, in favor of his own ego.

Join Joe Lieberman on my list, Dick.

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