Thursday, January 08, 2004

Thank Heaven for Small Gifts

And I'm not talking about little boys, you sick freak. The ONLY interesting thing I've ever heard about the alleged molestation case involved the alleged Michael Jackson is that a judge is mulling a gag order in the affair. See the blog post below about the bizarre date when a cafe was being blown up in Baghdad, complete with sexy live footage of billowing flames available, and not a single network covered the actual news because of a minor press conference on the Jackson case being held at the same time.

I frankly am hard-pressed to figure out what's worse: that a reprobate like Jackson could be allowed to continue in his nefarious ways a decade after strong evidence existed he was a pedophile, or that his arrest and trial become an equally sick entertainment for the nation. I'm not optimistic about the better angels of anybody's nature being raised by such a spectacle, so a media gag order would be an incredible blessing upon this house. Out of sight, out of mind. The biggest punishment for a fellow like this who's skated on celebrity and money is to become obscure and poor.

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