Monday, January 26, 2004

Free Government Ride for History Majors Only

If you go to the Clark for President Official Campaign Web Site: you will read this:
    "'I was lucky,' Clark said of his college education at West Point. 'I knew I didn't have the money for college. But the military paid for my education -- and I paid them back by serving. It was the best deal going: I got to serve my country, got a great education, and didn't leave school with a pile of debt. Every young person in American deserves that same opportunity.' "
Yet on CSPAN yesterday, I saw him claim he'd "paid his own way through college", specifically referring to West Point, trying to denigrate his rivals who had their rich daddies pay their way through Yale (that's Dean and Kerry, for those of you not keeping score at home).

Clark is close to scratching himself off my list. It's one thing to bait your opponents with class warfare -- hell, most of the Democrats are doing that already -- and while I don't like the speaking-ill-of-fellow-Dems, that's the way the game is apparently played this year unless you're John Edwards.

But this is the kind of thing you apologize for, not try to cover-up by putting the opposite comments on your web site.

Yes, boys and girls, WE paid for General Clark's education, and while I can forgive him forgetting this fact in the midst of the election -- it's so easy to become fumble-mouthed when you say the same thing for the zillionth time -- it's much harder to forgive the 1984ish editing of history.

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