Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The Incredible Bulk

I've got one thing to say about the State of the Union address last night.

Under the current administration, the size of government has increased 25% in just under three years. This is a bigger increase in government than under the Franklin Roosevelt administration, bigger than Lyndon Johnson, bigger even than the King of Deficit Spending, Ronald Reagan, and his prince, Bush I. As much as I like to point out that in the past three years we've gone from Peace and Prosperty to War and Recession, the war on terrorism is not World War II and the Recession is nothing at all akin to the Great Depression, yet the deficit spending done to fund those two great crises pales by comparison to the five trillion dollar tab run up by the spending drunks in Washington.

If you believe in conservative principles of government, this administration is out of control. It's proposing government reach into new areas it never has gone into before -- controlling medical research and practice (stem cells and so-called partial birth abortion), dictating to states their education policies and basic rights to determine their own laws as guaranteed by the constitution (no child left behind, gay marriage laws), while spending money like a drunken farm hand on pay day on a veritable toy chest of useless gizmos (high-tech weapons in an era of low-tech terrorism, tax credits for polluters, missions to Mars). This is not conservative government. It's random government; the only ideology at its heart seems to be the Skull-and-Bones secrecy that smacks of oligarchy.

It's time for conservatives to start standing up for their principles and start calling a spade a spade.

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