Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Washington Insiders Back Inside Washington

[Editorial note: a rare cross-posting from my baseball blogging at The Diamond Angle.]

It looks like old Cranky was wrong once again: the Expos will not be awarded to Northern Virginia, but instead to one of the Washington D.C. groups. You can go to official web site of the Washington DC Baseball Club and suggest a name for the new club: in honor of its racist football cousin, I sugggested the Washington Whiteskins. But The Washington Insiders may be the most appropriate name.

Who's behind the new ownership group?

Why, Frederic Malek, former Nixon aide and campaign manager of the Bush/Quayle 1992 campaign, and a former partner with -- guess who? -- in the Texas Rangers. (Malek is alleged to have been the Nixon aide entrusted with compiling lists of jews in various federal agencies.) Just so everything's bipartisan, Vernon Jordan is included among the limited partners.

Why, will this new stadium be publically financed at taxpayer expense in a time of record deficits, just like the Texas Rangers' stadium, you ask?

Why, yes, why do you ask?

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