Friday, October 03, 2003

It's a Crime What They Do with Sequels

Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger has apologized for sexually assaulting women over a three decade period, like saying he's sorry makes it all OK.

The Gubernator also supports California's three strikes law, which sends three-time felons to prison for life even if convicted for non-violent offenses.

At least three of the assaults by Schwarzenegger -- the ones reported thus far, at least -- would've qualified as violent sexual assaults under current California law. A three-decade history of assaultive sexual behavior would qualify him for serial and habitual sex criminal status. Under current sex offender notification status, even if Arnold didn't get life, after one conviction he'd be under requirements to check in to local police and have his status and residence address reported to the other members of community as a habitual sex offender.

I'm curious as to whether as Governor he's going to let other three-strike felons say they're sorry and then go home.

Prurient Prudendal Postscript

Wesley Pruden, ultracon editor of the Washington Times, had this to write about Arnold in the midst of a paean that although he wasn't really conservative and Republican, the gang would take him:

" blockbuster revelation that he was a randy Hollywood dude in his younger days has been expected since he first entered the race,"

(I'll spare you here, but you can click on the editorial to find out what Pruden thinks of women. Hint: what word is both a vulgarism for the female breast and an apt description of those who defend those who take unasked liberties with same?)

Whaddya know, yet another Con who dismisses reprehensible acts as recently as 2001 as "youthful indiscretion" the same article Pruden praises Arnold for being far more forthright than Clinton in apologizing for his sex life.

Have these people no sense of irony? hypocrisy? double-standards? basic editorial hygiene?

It's weirdo editorials like this that make me think, yes, they really are actually stupid, not just evil.

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