Saturday, October 04, 2003

It is the Bush Hometown

Baseball Notebook:
    Mold growing at Astros' park

    The roof of Minute Maid Park in Houston is a breeding ground for mold.

    The group of molds are known as Aspergillus — the same type that festers on overripe oranges. The Harris County-Houston Sports Authority recently hired a private lab to determine what was growing on the thin, white plastic roof of the Astros' $250 million ballpark, the Houston Chronicle reported.

    Scientists who tested the roof Sept. 12 found an ordinary mold that would be found in a grocery store along with a mixture of common yeast, bacteria and unidentified fungi. They described the roof as 'slimy,' and found evidence that some mold was growing and multiplying.

    Further tests will determine whether the mold is affecting the roof material.

What kind of mold, we wonder, would grow if it were still called Enron Field? We don't know, but it would still be slimy.

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