Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Three Baseball Haikus

From the archives, since I'm about to lose the sheet of paper they were written on.
    Weekday Afternoon [May 2, 1996] - by M. Carter Wall

    Game at Three Rivers
    A hot dog, a beer, good seats
    Zip! El Tornado

When the Pirates were building PNC Park (with taxpayer dollars) they had a promotion wherein you could buy a brick in front of the park and inscribe it with a few lines. A contribution was required, which was to go to the Clemente foundation. We submitted these two haikus (sans titles, to make it into the character limitation) with our check for the proper amount. The check was returned uncashed, the haikus rejected for reasons that were never explained to us.

    Forbes Field 1999

    Plexiglass home plate
    Homer over sidewalk brick
    Wall, across the street.

    Old Exposition Park 1903

    Pilgrims in Pittsburgh
    Water and mud in left field.
    Series victory.

We never did get around to writing a PNC Park Haiku.

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