Friday, October 01, 2004

Would Bush for vote himself?

Boy, talk about a disintegrating campaign. We all know Ron Reagan, son of the former President, is voting for Kerry, since he spoke at the Democratic convention. But now Dwight Eisenhower's son? Yes, John Eisenhower has switched his 50-year party registration and says he's voting for Kerry.

OK, so Michael Reagan is voting for Bush, and probably Neil and Jeb Bush will vote for Bush as well, which makes the living sons of former Republican Presidents vote 3-2 for Bush. Assuming he remembers to vote for himself, that's 4-2.

You know the Bush campaign is in serious trouble when the people they bring up on stage after a debate are his family and John McCain, who was sat next to the Bush twins. The girls are voting for Dad, right? Assuming they remembered to register to vote. Since they haven't registered for the selective service, maybe not...registering to vote isn't even required by law.

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