Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Divided America Comes Together at Last

This is a heart-warming story: nutcases from both the left and right united in bizarre murder conspiracies involving John Kerry. I use "left" and "right" very lightly, since these people are so far around the bend as to defy accurate positioning on a political chart. Maybe on a medical chart.

From the people who brought you the charges that the Clintons whacked over 70 people, Free Republic.com, we have insinuations that John Kerry conspired to kill members of the US Senate.

It seems impossible to me that John Kerry would not remember whether he was at the meeting where he personally quite the organization which catapulted him to national fame. FBI records say he was there, other people say he was there: they recall because he gave an extended speech attacking Al Hubbard, another leader of the group, and then delivered a dramatic personal resignation. Why wouldn’t he remember? Given this stunning lapse of memory why isn’t the media, which spent several years spreading every hint of a lie about George W. Bush’s supposed “drug use” looking into the question of just how many drugs the French-looking Senator was doing at the time?

Think about this for a moment: we had weeks of acrimony over charges that President Bush blew off a few National Guard drills in 1972. The media (and the left) demanded “answers” and “evidence.” Now we have a case where the presumptive Democratic nominee for the august office of President of the United States, himself a United States Senator, may have actually debated the merits of and then voted upon a resolution which would have, effectively, authorized the assassination of a number of members of the United States Senate. Even accepting the accounts of those who say that Kerry voted, “no” on the motion, this is still a deeply alarming issue. After all, there’s no evidence that Kerry, on hearing deadly serious talk about assassinating officials of the Untied States, reported it to the proper authorities. If he did, let him say so: and let the proof in the matter be produced.

Mon dieu! "French-looking!" What a canard!

Not to be outdone, an anti-semitic LaRoucheian named Randy Crow is hawking murder-conspiracy theories surrounding the death of John Heinz pointing the finger at you know who:

Odds are there are many, many fine people who went/go to Yale. Two people come to my mind as very fine people who went to Yale. But good grief, there are some bad apples who went to Yale. An article on the Internet states John Kerry's wife's former husband died in a plane crash when the plane he was riding with two pilots crashed with a helicopter and I think four pilots and Heinz died. The crash seemed out of the CIA fantasy department. (Not everyone believes everything they see in James' Bond movies' is logical and happens in real life.) Mr. Heinz easily could have been set up and murdered in the crash. Actually I will call Mr. Heinz's death murder. It is not logical pilots in a helicopter would be asked to check to see if the landing gear on a plane is down unless something fishy is/was going on. Heinz's plane logically would have flown over or beside people on the ground or in the tower, with or without binoculars, to check to see if the landing gear was down.

There was a big motive out there to kill Heinz. He hated NAFTA about like I hate zioni$t communi$t$ and we know Yalie's can't make it without NAFTA affirmative action. John, I believe I heard you favor NAFTA. The Yalie gang didn't chit chat with you and it was determined that the only way to get NAFTA passed was for your wife's deceased husband gone? Then you married his widow? Can't we hear the Skull & Bones frat guys now. We killed ole Heinz and then John married Heinz's widow. Ha. Ha. Ho. Ho. Ho. Cool. Neat. Good BS.

Kerry is a Yalie and I certainty hope he is a good Yalie. However, what is the need to choose him to run against Little George before the Democratic Convention in July? The Administration is up to no good in the Mid East and the Republicans not knowing who the Democrats will run against them for sure may save lives because the Administration should fear a real Democratic anti war candidate may emerge if the Administration's operation "Lent Blood" kills many people in the MId East between now and the Democratic Convention.

That damn flouride in the water! It's interfering with the satellite signals the CIA is sending to my brain!

I would not be shocked to see this kind of dreck dredged out for a Kerry Presidency, of course. The age of innuendo and out the other is too firmly entrenched.

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