Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Another Reason to Play El Capitan

It took ten years after the Gulf War for Jarhead to appear, but we've already got a college boy writing his war memoirs for the current Global War on Terrorism. I had an amusing time listening to the Terri Gross interview on NPR, so I decided to go over to Amazon to see what the reviews were like to see how full of stuffing this kid actually was. Here's the book and the reviews.

There was a bonus at the site from an anonymous reviewer, who deserves a battle star or two -- bear in mind the book is actually about the soldier's experiences in Afghanistan:

***** When the Roses Bloom Again, June 19, 2004
Reviewer: A reader from Cambridge, MA United States
Follow Mr. Exum, "Tough Ike," "Metropolitan Bill," "The Dude" and all the rest, a melange of haughty Harvard-boys and some real Reubens from the hinterlands, as they battle the vicious Spaniard. THIS MAN'S ARMY is a gripping account of the recent and splendid Spanish-American War. Mr. Exum writes with sympathy and hardihood and offers the occasional chortle, like the time he finally had a moment to settle into his tent after several strenuous and unhygienic days, only to have the tent blown away by a Cuban windstorm. There he sat, bewildered in his skivvies! More seriously, THIS MAN'S ARMY tells of the peril that our young men face, a peril which, remarkably, is reported by neither the Populist nor the Mugwump press. For instance, any reader of this book will up and petition his President to equip our soldiers with smokeless powder. If such superior technology is available to the Spaniard, why not to the Yankee?

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