Friday, June 18, 2004

Did they channel Carl Sagan?

OK, so here's the latest logic from the Resident:
The administration never said that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated between Saddam and al-Qaeda. We did say there were numerous contacts between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda. For example, Iraqi intelligence agents met with bin Laden, the head of al-Qaeda in Sudan.

I'm going to agree with the President here. Numerous contacts are clearly a smoking gun that creates a prima facia cassus belli.

Here are some other examples:

President Bush had numerous contacts with Ken Lay and other Enron officials. Therefore he is guilty of jacking up power prices and stealing billions of dollars from California.

Vice President Cheney had numerous contacts with officials of Halliburton. Therefore Cheney is responsible for price gouging and illegal profiteering on Halliburton war contracts in Iraq.

Donald Rumsfeld had numerous contacts with senior Iraqi officials on behalf of the Reagan administration and Bechtel during the 1980s. Therefore he's responsible for the gassing of the Kurds.

Colin Powell had numerous contacts with North Koreans discussing their nuclear program. Therefore he's responsible for North Korean nuclear terrorism.

Condoleeza Rice did not have numerous contacts with anti-terrorism officials prior to 9/11, so she's responsible for doing nothing.

Master of Logic - it depends on what the definition of "contact" is - that Yale degree working for the President at long last.

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