Thursday, August 26, 2004

McCain -- Chump.

From the New York Times today:
Mr. McCain has long said he will do whatever the president asks to help re-elect him. Both he and Mr. Weaver said they did not expect the senator to become so closely involved in the effort. "But I'm not surprised,'' Mr. McCain said, "because I think it's obvious that there's a number of undecided voters who approve of me. Polls show that.''

Some have suggested that in backing the president so enthusiastically, Mr. McCain might be trying mend fences for a presidential run in 2008. On Wednesday, Mr. McCain dismissed the speculation.

Asked if he had ruled out a run, he rolled his eyes and sighed. "My favorite question,'' he said, sardonically. "I have not, quote, ruled it out. I certainly haven't considered ruling it in.''

If McCain thinks the Bushies aren't going to run Jeb in '08, he's a chump. If they get away with using outright lies about the military service of his opponents yet again, they'll sure as hell trot them out again against McCain in '08 when Jeb Bush runs for President. For a man who has tried through McCain-Feingold to restore honor and honesty to electoral politics, this is just about the stupidest-ass move he could make - play nice and hope the Bushes will throw him a crumb before they crush him.

McCain's only option at this point, since Bush hasn't heeded his call to repudiate the Swift Boat Liars ads, is to withdraw his endorsement of Bush. Whether or not he wants to be President -- his chances are better with the electorate if he shows he's really above the craven and crass politics of lies, and if he never runs for President, his legacy is going to be shaped by whether or not he makes the moral stand consistent with his public career.

Right now -- McCain sure looks like a chump to me. Let's see, how was it the President puts it? Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice...uh...won't get fooled again.

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