Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Democratic Race is Over, and the Winner is...Dennis Kucinich

John Kerry, at this writing, has about 409 delegates of the 2162 required for the nomination. Of course, this hasn't prevented the many pundits from declaring the race over, done, complete, finis, very much the way that Howard Dean was declared the winner many months ago.

This is what the Candidate himself had to say about this trend on Larry King Live on Feb 4:

    KING: Are you going to -- is Maine -- do you think you have a chance in Maine to win on Sunday?

    KUCINICH: To win? We're going to do well in Maine, but you know, I'm finally starting to pop up above the surface of the campaign. You know, I finally got more than 1 percent in some places, 2 percent in Arizona, 3 percent in North Dakota and maybe 5, 6, percent in New Mexico. We're starting to finally demonstrate, you know, a heartbeat to the campaign. And I think Maine is the next place where we can look to have some help.

Hopeless optimism? Of course not! Kucinich won Maine very much like Joe Lieberman won the three-way battle for 3rd place in New Hampshire.

If you look at Kucinich's Joe-mentum, he's gone from 1% to 2% to 4% to 8% to 16% in successive primaries (please see attached graph). He'll clearly be topping the 32% mark in Tennessee or Virginia today, or Wisconsin at the latest, setting him up for a 64% win in California or New York on Super Tuesday. The trends clearly predict this result. I've done some calculation, and Kucinich will be topping the 2162 delegate mark in Pennsylvania on April 27, or in Indiana on May 4 at the latest.

You read it here first.

It's in the Stars for Denny. He has Super Yummy Pokeko Power!

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